Pieta House Celebrates Two Years as AVIVA Charity Partner

Date: 15th February 2018

We say a lot of ‘Thank You’s at Pieta House, but this is a particularly special one for us. Over the last two years, since we were selected by AVIVA staff as the organisation's charity partner, the organisation has been an incredible asset to us in our fight against suicide and self-harm.

During this period, over 500 AVIVA staff voluntered their time, spending more than 2,200 hours dancing, baking, shaking buckets, riding bikes, going to Hell & Back (four times!), helping to increase awareness of our services, organising events with us, and sharing their skills and expertise. The passion of the AVIVA staff and their dedicatn to our cause has both touched and humbled us.

As well as being so generous with their time, AVIVA’s financial contribution of €223,235 is enough to start 3,000 people on their journey with us, which will help us to save lives and change many more for the better.