Fundraising Guidelines

Thank you for supporting Pieta House by organising a fundraising event. The following guidelines will support your event.

The event should not, by association, have the potential to adversely affect the image of Pieta House or conflict with our mission and values.

Text describing the work of Pieta House must be approved by Pieta House prior to use. 

All funds raised by your fundraiser should be passed on to Pieta House at the earliest opportunity – within 4 weeks of the event.  This is for security and insurance reasons, as well as for transparency.   A receipt will be issued for all funds received.

Street collections require a Garda Permit.  Pieta House must be advised of the intention to apply for a permit prior to application.  A copy of the permit must be issued to all collectors. 

Buckets must be sealed with a Pieta House cable tie during all collections.  Subsequent to the event, the cable tie should only be removed in the presence of two organisers of the event, our remittance advice sheet completed, and signed by both organisers.  The amount must correspond with the lodgement to our bank account.  Please return the sheet to Pieta House. 

BUCKETS MUST BE RETURNED TO PIETA HOUSE AS WE REQUIRE THEM FOR ONGOING EVENTS.  If you are unable to do so, please contact us and we will arrange for collection.


New web pages or Facebook pages using the Pieta Logo or name cannot be created.  Please advise us if you need a copy of our logo.

Your event can be added to our Fundraising Events Page by a member of the Fundraising Department.  If you have a poster/link for your event please provide it to us. 

Pieta House commits the organisation to the highest standards of good practice, and to ensuring that all their fundraising activities are respectful, honest, open and legal. 

Fundraisers must at all times conduct themselves with integrity, honesty and trustworthiness.  They should at all times act openly and in such a manner that donors are not misled.

Not represent conflicting or competing interests without the consent of Pieta House.

The general public must at all times be treated with the utmost respect.

Pieta House will support your event by supplying Posters, flyers, leaflets, T shirts, collection buckets and a letter of authority to fundraise in aid of Pieta House.