Jump for Life

Have you always wanted to try a Sky Dive?

If so, then you could make your dreams come true and fundraise for Pieta House at the same time.

‘Jump for Life’

My name is Denise Gibson. I am a volunteer with Pieta House and a long-standing fan of skydiving, holding the record for the first woman to skydive at night in the Republic of Ireland.   I will be along to cheer you on and get those all-important photographs for our website and no doubt, your own web links. Like you, I decided to skydive for charity and at the same time, found a new passion in my life.  I raised £1,000.00 back in 1991.  Think you might beat that?  I’m hoping you will.

Where to Start?

Firstly, you need to register your interest at, Denise.Gibson@hse.ie, including your name, address and contact number. Following this, I will contact you and arrange for you to obtain/download a letter of permission to fundraise on behalf of Pieta House together with the official ‘Jump for Life’ sponsorship card, leaflet and guidance notes. If there are a group of you interested,  I suggest  you just  supply  details of all involved through one liaison person nominated to contact me (each participant will be issued with all documentation). Alternatively, if you prefer, each individual can make direct contact with me. Once you have done this, you can commence fundraising.


How Much Do I Have to Raise?

Because you are participating in a charity skydiving experience, a reduced price of €260 per person applies (normally €320). The minimum amount you will need to raise is €520, (€680 for AFF level 1- details on request) this allows for the cost of your skydive experience and the balance for your chosen charity, Pieta House. Of course I am hoping you will be able to raise even more money and all monies beyond the €260 will go to Pieta House.
Once you have fundraised €260, contact me again at Denise.Gidson@hse.ie and let me know what date you     are hoping to do your ‘Jump For Life’, following which I will make the necessary arrangements, allowing enough time for you to collect the remainder of your target. I will be aiming to book you in with a group of fellow ‘Jump For Life’ fundraisers as it can be very encouraging to meet with fellow fundraisers on the day of your skydive and share this unique experience which you have all embarked upon. You will be required to being a receipt, from Pieta House, with you on the day of your jump, stating that you have handed in the full amount to the charity.

Where will I do my ‘Jump for Life’?

The Irish Parachute Club is based in Clonbollogue, Co. Offaly, about 1hr from Dublin.  The drop zone is open 5 days per week, making it very convenient for most people’s schedules. Don’t worry, I’ll ensure you have directions.

What is a TANDEM JUMP?

A tandem jump is where you are attached to an instructor in a specially designed harness with an extra-large canopy to accommodate two people.  This type of skydive does not require hours of training like the solo or AFF skydive as your tandem master will be a very experienced skydiver.

What happens on the day of my ‘Jump for Life’?

The Drop Zone opens at 8.30am on Saturdays and Sundays (midweek opening times vary and will need to be confirmed in advance). You will sign a register when you arrive and you will be called to do your jump on a first come, first served basis on the day and weather permitting.

About 30 minutes before your jump you will be introduced to your tandem instructor, who will go through your training and get you ready for your skydive.

When you are fully briefed and in the aircraft, you will spend approximately 15 minutes climbing to altitude. Once there, the aircraft door will be opened; you and your instructor will get into position at the door and then……READY, SET, GO!! You will leave the aircraft at 10'000 to 12,000 feet, experience freefall for 30 to 40 seconds at a terminal velocity speed of 120mph, to an altitude of 5'000ft, at which time your tandem master will deploy the parachute. At this point you will be given the chance to steer the parachute yourself before the tandem master assumes control once more for the landing.

Can I do it by myself?

Yes, a STATIC LINE SOLO JUMP is the one for you!
Static Line training courses are held on Saturdays, (not every weekend but Denise will let you know when courses will be held) and run from at 9am to 4pm. You will be equipped with all the necessary skills to make your first jump. This includes equipment, navigation and landing procedures.

On your first solo jump you will exit our aircraft at 3,200 feet. The main parachute is deployed automatically by the 'static line' as you jump. You always wear two parachutes, the main and the reserve which is for use in the unlikely event that the main parachute does not function correctly.

About your jump

The climb to an altitude of about 3,200 feet takes about four minutes and pretty soon your 'jumpmaster' will be preparing you for your jump.
Assisted by the jumpmaster you position yourself for exit, and await the "GO!" signal. The time for sightseeing is over as, for the time being, you concentrate on adopting the body position for the skydive you have repeatedly practiced in your training.
Your main parachute is automatically opened seconds later. Once your checks are complete you have time to take in the bird’s eye view from 3,000 feet, an experience that only a fellow parachutist will appreciate,  a select group of which you are now a member.

You will navigate your steerable parachute back to a target landing area in our suitably large student zone, with the assistance of a one way radio transmission from your instructor who is positioned in the landing area and who will guide you to a safe landing.

How long does it take?

The training for a solo jump can take up to six+ hours as there is a lot of material, including practical assignments to be completed. In the winter we generally train our students on the Saturday and jump on a Sunday. It may be possible to jump on the day you train but this is subject to favorable weather conditions.
There is a small weather station on the drop zone and the IPC maintains a strict policy of not jumping   in conditions deemed unsuitable for safety reasons by their Chief Club Instructor.

Your chances of jumping on the weekend you train are greatly enhanced if you stay on the drop zone for the weekend. There are B&B's locally. This may also make it possible for you to undertake more jumps in the weekend, something you will likely want to do.

Age \ Medical Requirements

If you are over 50 you must get a certificate from your doctor stating that you are medically fit to undertake a jump.
Previous injuries and previous or current medical conditions must be notified to the Course Instructor prior to commencing a training course.
Maximum Weight - 280 lbs. and proportional to your height, age and sex.
If you are between the age of 16 and 18 you must have a parent or guardian accompany you to the drop zone on the day of your initial training in order to sign a document saying you have their permission to participate. 16 is the minimum age that you must be in order to jump

Cost, terms and conditions.

The cost of all training and your ‘Jump for Life’ first skydive experience is €520 (€260 for training and the balance for Pieta House). This also includes annual subscription fees for one year with the Irish Parachute Club. This annual subscription fee entitles you to continue training to be a skydiver if you wish for that current year.  The sky’s the limit with ‘Jump for Life’ and because you are fundraising for Pieta House, this essentially allows you to experience skydiving for free while at the same time, helping to save lives.

All courses must be pre-booked with Denise who will maintain contact with the IPC, to ensure that we have the correct ratio of students to instructor. The full course fee must be paid at the time of booking. Training takes place generally on Saturday. Your place on the Jump For Life skydiving experience training course is NOT reserved until your course fee has been received by Pieta House; this must be  at least 7 days prior to your ‘Jump For Life’ skydive, to allow Denise time to liaise with the IPC. Payments will not be taken on day of jump.

Bookings and payments can be made by contacting denise@pieta.ie. Once you have registered your interest to begin with, Denise will phone you and provide you with her contact number and discuss your options. All booking payments are non-refundable.

Thanks a million for your huge gesture to help save lives and good luck from everyone at Pieta House!

See you soon!

Warning! Sport parachuting is a high risk adventure sport. There is a risk of serious injury or death with each and every parachute jump. Despite rigorous training and adherence to safety standards, no guarantees as to a participant's safety can be given. Do not take part in skydiving or sport parachuting if you do not understand and accept the risks. All parachuting activities are at the participant's risk. There is no insurance cover for personal injury.