“We both always left Pieta House knowing that we were on the road to recovery.  I don’t know what we would have done if Pieta House wasn’t there.”
Mother of a girl (16) who had attempted suicide

“My only regret is that such a place didn’t exist 20 years ago. The work that is done there is superb.”
Man (42) who had attempted suicide

“Thank you all very much for your support in a vulnerable part of my life.”
Man (25) who had suicidal thoughts

“I owe everything to Pieta House and my counsellor.”
Man (28) who had attempted suicide

“[Pieta House] made me feel completely at ease, never judged me, which is so important. I feel very lucky to have been given the therapy I received.”
Woman (29) who had made two suicide attempts

“Having someone who understands what you are going through and the way you feel.”
Man (54) who felt suicidal

“There is no doubt in my heart that I would not be here today if it was not for the service you provide. Lots of tissues, hugs and cups of coffee.
“The work you all do is fantastic and much needed. You are angels in disguise. Thank you so so much. God bless you all there; you do great work.”

Woman (32) who felt suicidal and engaged in self-harm

“It helped me through a very difficult time for which I am very grateful.”
Man (35) who was actively suicidal for two months