Research Advisory Panel

A Research Advisory Panel (RAP) has been established by Pieta House to incorporate research expertise from psychologists, therapists, academics and clinicians across Ireland. 

The panel advises on the strategic direction and research objectives to ensure research at Pieta House develops alongside, and contributes to, the broader suicide research landscape in Ireland.

The current RAP was convened in March 2015 and includes:

- Dr. Paul Surgenor (Pieta House) - Chair
- Prof. Ella Arensman (National Suicide Research Foundation/University College Cork)
- Dr Anne Cleary (University College Dublin)
- Dr Evelyn Gordon (Dublin City University)
- Mr. Brendan Kennelly (National University of Ireland, Galway)
- Mr. Sean McCarthy (Suicide Prevention Officer)
- Prof Orla Muldoon (University of Limerick)
- Dr. Adam Kavanagh (St Patrick's University Hospital)
- Dr. Tim Trimble (Trinity College Dublin)
- Prof. Siobhan O’Neill (University of Ulster)
- Dr. Teresa Maguire (Health Research Board)

The RAP will contribute to the development of several research projects, the results of which will be made available on the Research Projects page.