Research at Pieta

The aim of the Research Department is to conduct and facilitate research that improves the quality of service offered at Pieta House and improves our understanding of suicide and deliberate self-harm.

We achieve this by working with like-minded organisations, researchers, clinicians, academics, mental health professionals, and third-level students with a background in research methods.

While we’re always keen to collaborate on research projects, the rights and protection of our clients and their families, and our staff always come first.  All research is strictly non-intrusive and governed by strict ethical guidelines. Before any research can be conducted at Pieta House it must have received approval from an established research ethics committee (see Getting Involved for additional information).

Please note: While we do collaborate on Masters and Doctoral projects, we do not provide a referral service for other research projects. Likewise, we do not select or filter clients for research with external groups or pass personal information about our clients, their histories or treatment to any third parties.