Programme Details

The programme has three stages over 6 weeks:

  • The introductory sessions in Week 1
  • The student-selected weekly modules in Weeks 2 to 5
  • The closing, consolidation class in Week 6

1.5 hr Teacher Support Class

This 90 minute session covers

  • The issues Second Year students have identified as stressful
  • An overview of the programme students receive
  • Advice on how to talk to parents and students about mental health
  • Information on resources, referral options, and self-care for teachers

1 hr Student Foundation Class

This introductory session provides

  • An introduction to resilience and mental health awareness
  • Interactive sessions that engage students in identifying positive solutions
  • An overview of the weekly modules they can select

Weekly Modules

Students select four modules (from a choice of eight) which are delivered by therapists from Pieta House.

Each week students engage in activities that develop positive coping strategies and receive advice on sources of support.

Each session finishes with an opportunity for students to ask questions in a safe and confidental environment.

Consolidation & Support Session

The final session is a consolidation class that:

  • Recaps the coping mechanisms discussed over the past 5 weeks
  • Provides contact information for relevant support services
  • Enables an anonymous Q&A session