Disclosure Statement

"Donors have the right to be informed of the status and authority of those soliciting donations; for example, donors will be informed if fundraisers are employees of the organisation or third party agents”

Pieta is open about whether those seeking donations on their behalf are volunteers, employees of the organisation or are third party agents. Anyone fundraising on behalf of Pieta must ensure that prospective donors are aware of their status, i.e. volunteers, employees or third party agents.

Note: If or when a member of the public enquires about the employment standing of a fundraiser they must receive an honest and open answer. The standing in this case relates to whether or not a fundraiser is a volunteer, a paid employee of the charitable organisation or a third party agent working on behalf of the charity.

A form of words might be:

Volunteer: “I volunteer for Pieta”

Employee: “I work for Pieta”

Third Party Agent: “I work for ABC Company and we have been engaged by Pieta to raise funds for them”