How can I help someone who’s feeling suicidal?

It’s a huge shock when someone tells you they’re feeling suicidal. You may feel afraid or numb. You may not know what to do or where to turn. But be assured there is help available.

First of all, it’s really important to take them seriously. When someone finds the courage to talk about wanting to take their own life, they’re serious about it. They’re not just looking for attention. They want to stop the pain that’s making their life unbearable.

They’ll need your compassion and kindness at this low point. And they’ll also need the support that we can offer at Pieta House.

Ask their permission to call Pieta House and make an appointment. We’ll see them as soon as possible – usually within days – and you can bring them here. Reassure the person that we’ll help them to stop the pain they feel and rediscover their reasons for living.

Our service is totally free. We also offer support and advice to friends and family. And the good news is that a suicide crisis is usually for a short time.

Reach out to Pieta House – let us help.