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24hr freephone crisis helpline 1800 247 247

Our 24 hour freephone crisis helpline is managed by qualified and professional therapists.

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text our therapists if you are in crisis Text HELP to 51444

Our qualified and professional therapists are available 24 hours a day. *Standard message rates apply

Start your Therapy Journey today Call 0818 111 126

Our Therapy Services team is available to support you with accessing our free therapy services and provide information on therapy for you or someone you are concerned about. No referral needed.

If you are in a medical emergency call 999 or 112 now

Why am I hurting myself?

Intentionally hurting yourself is one way to express difficult emotions. Self-harm might be your way of releasing pent-up feelings of distress or anger. It may be the only way you know how to cope, but there are other methods of coping.

Tell a friend and confide in someone you trust about what’s happening. It is normal to be apprehensive about opening up, worrying about a friends reaction or judgement, but it’s very likely that they’ll simply want to help.

Pieta want to help you manage your coping skills and introduce alternative methods so you are not compelled to harm yourself anymore.

We recognise that self-harm is your current coping mechanism and it is working for you now. Self-harming usually helps you cope in the present moment, so we will help you build coping strategies. The Pieta therapy model is to help move from self-harm to self-care.

Our non-judgmental, strength based and solution focused method through up to twelve sessions of free counselling dependent on your needs.

You’re not alone.

Some Help & Advice

Am I the only one that self-harms?

No. Over 9,785* people presented to hospitals in 2018 with self-harm presentations.


Will I ever stop feeling this way?

Yes, while this feeling is intense and all consuming right now; you can feel better in time.

It can be hard to think of a time in the future without relying on this coping mechanism but with help and support you will be able to replace harmful techniques with alternative practice.

I’ve hurt myself quite badly this time, what do I do?

Please reach out immediately.

  • Contact a friend, family member, team mate, or work colleague.

  • Briefly, inform them of your injury and that you need help seeking professional medical attention.

  • Ensure you attend a medical appointment as soon as possible to prevent infection or further injury.

Should I tell someone?

Yes. Let someone know how you’re currently feeling.

This person could be a friend, family member, team mate, work colleague; someone you trust and feel comfortable speaking with.

If you do not feel comfortable reaching out to someone you know please call our 24 hour freephone helpline to chat this through with Pieta therapists. They can help you through this situation.

You may feel alone, isolated, and desolate right now but reaching out to a person in your network will help you get through this. When someone asks for help it is respected and appreciated just how hard this was and they will want to assist you as best they can.

For further help and advice see our FAQ section. If you are in immediate danger or a medical emergency please call Emergency Services on 112 or 999 now.

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