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24 Hour Freephone Crisis Helpline 1800 247 247

Our 24-hour freephone crisis helpline is managed by qualified and professional therapists.

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Text Our Therapists If You Are In Crisis Text HELP to 51444

Our qualified and professional therapists are available 24 hours a day. *Standard message rates apply.

Start Your Therapy Journey Today Call 0818 111 126

Our Therapy Services team is available to support you with accessing our free therapy services and provide information about therapy for you or someone you are concerned about. No referral is needed.

If you are in a medical emergency, call 112 or 999 now.

Why am I hurting myself?

Intentionally hurting yourself can be a way to express difficult emotions. Self-harm may be your way of releasing feelings of distress or anger. It may be your way of coping, but there are other ways to manage your emotions. 

Tell a friend or talk to someone you trust about what’s happening. It is normal to be apprehensive about opening up, worrying about a friend's reaction or judgement, but it’s very likely that they’ll simply just want to help. 

Pieta wants to support you, by introducing strategies to help you manage your coping skills. We are here for you.

We recognise that self-harm is your current coping mechanism, and it may be working for you right now. Self-harming can help you cope in the present moment, but we will help you develop alternative lifelong coping skills. The Pieta therapy model aims to help move from self-harm to self-care. 

We offer up to 12 sessions of free counselling depending on your needs. 

You are not alone. 

You’re not alone.

Some Help & Advice

We have collected the most frequently asked questions that people have asked regarding Pieta and its services. If you couldn't see what you were looking for and have further questions, you can email us at comms@pieta.ie, and we'll do our best to answer your questions.

If you are in immediate danger or have a medical emergency, please call Emergency Services on 112 or 999 now.

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