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24hr freephone crisis helpline 1800 247 247

Our 24 hour freephone crisis helpline is managed by qualified and professional therapists.

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Text our therapists if you are in crisis Text HELP to 51444

Our qualified and professional therapists are available 24 hours a day. *Standard message rates apply.

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Our Therapy Services team is available to support you with accessing our free therapy services and provide information about therapy for you or someone you are concerned about. No referral is needed.

If you are in a medical emergency call 999 or 112 now

Pieta provides free counselling to children, adolescents, and individuals who have been bereaved by suicide. Our model is based on an integrative approach. Our aim is to provide a person centred, flexible bereavement service which meets the needs of our clients. We endeavour to create a warm, caring, and safe environment.

There are two services for those bereaved by suicide; SBL Service and Suicide Bereavement Therapy.

We endeavour to create a warm, caring, respectful manner in a welcoming, comfortable and safe setting

Suicide Bereavement Liaison Service

The SBL service provides emotional support, guidance and practical information in the aftermath of a suicide. The SBL Officer can support the bereaved individual/family. It does not matter how long ago the suicide has occurred. When finished with the SBL service if further therapeutic intervention is required the SBLO can refer an individual or family into bereavement therapy.

Suicide Bereavement Therapy

Our counsellors provide suicide bereavement therapy from eight weeks on, after a death by suicide.

Some Help & Advice

What is an SBLO?

An SBLO is a Suicide Bereavement Liaison Officer. They are professionally trained Pieta House therapists that are mobile. They support families and communities in the immediate aftermath of a death by suicide. Their role is to support, sign-post and connect families with service providers when needed.

What are the different bereavement services?

Pieta provide three types of bereavement services: Suicide bereavement liaison service (SBL), suicide bereavement therapy, and our helpline are on call 24 hours a day.

SBL Service
The SBL Service provides support and practical information immediately after a death by suicide. The SBLO can support from 48 hour after a loss through suicide.

Suicide Bereavement Therapy
Our therapists provide suicide bereavement therapy from eight weeks on, after a death by suicide.

Over the phone counselling for those bereaved by suicide.

Will I always have this intense feeling?

With time and support, this intense feeling can reduce so you will be able to carry the memory of your loved one with you into the future as you move forward. When things seem bleak, it is important to live day to day. Remember that feelings don't always stay the same, and that help is always available when you need it.

How do I explain to children what happened?

Children's way of grieving can be different from adults. Approach the young person in a safe space so they feel comfortable discussing what has happened.

Ask and understand what they know has taken place. Encourage and answer questions. Explain as honestly and as clearly in an age appropriate manner.

Allow them to express their emotions as they surface.

Ensure they comprehend that regardless of previous experiences, anything they have done or said did not cause this death.

For further help and advice see Our FAQ Section. If you feel someone is in immediate danger or experiencing a medical emergency please call Emergency Services on 112 or 999 now

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