The Resilience Academy offers programmes for secondary school students aimed at equipping them with emotional resilience tools.

Skills training programmes aim to increase protective factors such as coping skills, problem-solving, decision-making, and cognitive skills. While these programmes don’t directly target suicide, by targeting risk factors and giving youth important skills, the goal is to prevent the development of suicidal behaviour. We aim to equip young people with the skills and knowledge to support themselves not just now but long into the future.

Key Aims:

  • Enhancing protective factors,

  • Developing coping skills,

  • Increasing self-efficacy,

  • Increase awareness of support,

  • Encouraging help-seeking behaviour,

  • Reducing Stigma

Registrations for the Road to Resilience programme have now closed. Registration for our Building Resilience Workshop for the 2023/24 academic year are open. 

*The School consent form must be completed by the school Principal before the Resilience Academy can deliver a programme or course to your school.

To enrol your school, click the button below *.

Road to Resilience Programme

The Road to Resilience Programme is delivered through a combination of:

  1. teacher (as the facilitator)

  2. recorded video messages from Resilience Academy Facilitators (within the presentations)

  3. a workbook for the students

The teacher will be the main person delivering the content with the support of a designated Resilience Academy Facilitator. This programme is for Junior Cycle groups.

Each module is designed to be delivered in one class period, with approximately 35 minutes for the presentation and activities and 5 minutes allowed for set up. Students are signposted to helpful services for all topics covered throughout the programme.

The Road to Resilience Programme is delivered over four modules:

Teacher Support

The Road to Resilience Programme includes a session, ‘Nurturing Your Resilience’, for school staff which incorporates both signposting and wellbeing interventions for teachers. This presentation is delivered by Pieta’s Clinical Team and is available on the Road to Resilience online portal.

Before delivering the Road to Resilience Programme to students, teachers receive all necessary content, materials and contact details for their designated Resilience Academy Facilitator.

The Resilience Academy Facilitators are available to support teachers throughout the delivery of the programme.

Registrations for Road to Resilience have now closed. Please check back in September to enrol for the 2024/25 academic year.

Building Resilience workshop

Building Resilience is a 35-minute standalone workshop for all post-primary school students where we share six ways for young people to build their resilience.

During this workshop, we share the services and supports that are available to students and give the students an insight into the work we do in the Resilience Academy.

What is Covered in the workshop?

Teacher Support

When schools sign up for Building Resilience workshop, they receive a link to our online portal where they can access and download:

  1. a recorded presentation from Resilience Academy Facilitators for teachers to share with students

  2. worksheets with student activities

  3. teacher information booklet

Schools will also receive contact details for their designated Resilience Academy Facilitator.

The Resilience Academy Facilitators are available to support teachers delivering the workshop.

Our Building Resilience workshop applications are now open for the academic year 2023/2024. Please go to the 'Enroll your school' section to register.


The National Suicide Research Foundation (2017) has declared that the roll-out of evidence-based mental health awareness programmes in Irish schools should be undertaken as a matter of priority in order to develop mental health literacy, promote positive mental health, and prevent suicide in adolescents.

The Resilience Academy offers such programmes.

The Resilience Academy was originally developed in response to a 163% increase in people under the age of 18 presenting due to suicide or self-harm between 2011 and 2016 (Pieta House, 2016).

Resilience Academy programmes are in line with recommendations in relation to the development of school-based suicide prevention programmes (Surgenor, Quinn, & Hughes, 2016). In addition, the content was informed by in-house psychotherapists, interviews with school staff, focus groups with students, and input from industry experts in areas such as body image, cyberbullying, occupational stress, and LGBTQIA+ issues.

Service Demands

This is a demand-led service, meaning that schools request our Resilience Academy programmes. Schools are the experts in issues that affect their students – they understand the importance of mental health education for young people – however, many are not in the position to facilitate this type of education in-house.

How are we funding the Resilience Academy?

The roll-out of the Resilience Academy is reliant on donations and contributions from voluntary sources. We are asking schools that are receiving the Resilience Academy to consider supporting us with a fundraiser or donation. This will allow us to sustain the Resilience Academy and reach more students.

This was a great programme, and I'm so grateful for this organisation [Pieta].
Resilience Academy Participant
I liked that it [Road to Resilience Programme] made you think about coping/relaxation methods.
Resilience Academy Participant
The programme covered many topics that were interesting, and other programmes wouldn't consider the mental health of us students like how this one did.
Resilience Academy Participant
"I liked that it showed that people actually care about teenagers' mental health."
Resilience Academy Participant
What I liked most about the programmes was the mental health part. I think it really helped me with my stress levels, and when I feel down that it's ok to talk to others so they can help me.
Resilience Academy Participant

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