How can I help?

Anyone can self-harm and this can take form in many different ways. It can be a way of relieving stress or painful experiences. When people intentionally harm themselves it becomes a functioning coping mechanism.

If someone confides in you about their self-harm, you can start to help them immediately. Show them kindness, love, and compassion without judgement.

Help them get the support they need by asking their permission to contact Pieta on their behalf. Offer to attend the first appointment with them, even if they’re over 18.

Help us to help them – contact Pieta.

Some Help & Advice

Will there ever be a time when they don’t self harm?

Self-harm is a coping practice during times of stress, intense change, or low mood.

There is no proven link between self-harming and suicidal ideation.

While self-harming may not be ideal for everyone, it is a viable coping method for some.

What if their wound looks infected or dangerous?

If someone has reached out to you about a serious self-harming incident, please take this matter seriously.

Let them know you’re there to support them, without judgement, and that you’ll try your best to help them out right now.

Discuss with them calmly about what is the best option for medical care; GP, local hospital, a&e, or ambulance. Ensure they attend a medical appointment as soon as possible to prevent infection or further injury.

For further help and advice see our FAQ section. If you feel someone is in immediate danger or experiencing a medical emergency please call Emergency Services on 112 or 999 now.

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