7 October 2020

Pieta are proud to have launched a new nationwide, free video counselling service. The new service, announced ahead of World Mental Health Day (10 Oct), will be provided in addition to our phone therapy and ‘in-person’ counselling service which we provide across 19 locations nationwide.

Since the beginning of March, and the pandemic, the Pieta crisis helpline has answered over 10,000 calls directly relating to suicide, self-harm, and suicide bereavement. The new, free video counselling service, which consists of a session with a specialist therapist, now aims to bridge the gap for those who may be restricted through lock-down or for whom their local Pieta centre is not yet open due to Covid.

Nora Conway & Louise Cooney - October 2020

Launching the service in Limerick earlier today, were Pieta Ambassador and blogger Louise Cooney and Pieta Clinical Manager, Nora Conway. Speaking about the new initiative Ms Conway said: ‘’We are delighted to extend our services beyond the crisis help-line and the face-to-face appointments with these new online video sessions. One of the key learnings from Covid is the need to expand our services and to offer a blended approach to our counselling. While the pandemic accelerated the need for virtual appointments, we also see this very much as a response to a growing demand in a world that is increasingly digital. These appointments will be available for those in need of someone to talk to and who may be reluctant to visit a centre at this difficult time.”

Louise Cooney said of the new service: ‘’I am delighted to support the launch of the new video therapy with Pieta. It shows real innovation in a world that is increasingly online. I know from my own lifestyle and that of my friends, there are times where online appointments with face-to-face video interaction are crucial – no matter what the service, but for Pieta to offer this really shows a commitment to reaching everyone nationwide who needs to talk. Most people who talk about suicide do not want to die, they simply want to stop the pain they feel – talking and therapy in all its forms is a vital part of this.’’

Free video counselling will be offered depending on the needs of the client and following discussions between the client and the Pieta clinical support team.