Pieta launched its free professional virtual phone & video therapy services in October 2020.

The service is accessible nationally, and there is no need to travel to an appointment to ensure the following:

  • To date, we have delivered over 63,000 phone and video therapy hours to clients experiencing suicidal ideation, who are self-harming, and who have been bereaved by suicide

How To Make An Appointment?

We offer phone and video therapy by appointment. Please see our opening hours.

To make an appointment, please contact our Therapy Services Team at 0818 111 126 by clicking the link below.

Call 0818 111 126 Today

The service was developed to ensure the following:

Our Phone & Video Team & How We Work

Our Team consists of qualified, professional therapists. We provide specialised counselling to those aged 13+ who are experiencing suicidal ideation, who are self-harming and those who have been bereaved by suicide.

We use The Pieta Way model, which focuses on identifying and building resources and protective factors for our clients. The specific areas of need are based on the issues identified by the Nine Boxes review. The Nine Boxes include relationships, health, and hobbies.