How to book an appointment?

To book an appointment with a professional, qualified therapist, please call 0818 111 126.

Our Therapy Services team will ask a number of questions to ensure we are the right service to meet your needs.


What will happen when you reach out to us?

You will be asked to attend an assessment. This can be done by phone, video or in person. The assessment takes approximately 50 minutes.

If the decision is taken to proceed to therapy, you will then be assigned a therapist who you will meet with you, typically once a week, for 50 minutes.

These appointments can take place by phone, video or in person in one of our locations nationwide.

Phone of Video Appointments

  • We will arrange your appointment each week by phone or video (whichever you choose) with your assigned therapist.

  • You will be provided with weekly details of the day and time for your appointment and the number to call or the link to the video call for the agreed appointment.

  • You will attend your weekly appointment by contacting your therapist using the details provided.

It is essential you take the call in a private, safe space where you are able to discuss what’s going on for you and to engage in the treatment session as best you can.

In Person Appointments

  • You will attend your appointment in person each week with your assigned therapist, in your assigned location.

  • You will be provided with details of the day and time for your appointment each week, and the address of the Pieta therapy service.

Do you have a question?

We have collected the most frequently asked questions that people have asked regarding Pieta and its services. If you are new to our services or our website, we encourage you to have a look through them. Thank you.

If you are in immediate danger or have a medical emergency, please call Emergency Services on 112 or 999 now.