Looking to spread some holiday cheer while making a meaningful difference this December? Embrace the joyous spirit of Christmas Jumper Day and join the fantastic cause in support of Pieta's invaluable services.

Rally up your schools and teams, don your most dazzlingly festive jumpers, and let the merriment abound!

By participating in this spirited event, not only will you be spreading warmth and joy, but you'll also be raising vital funds for Pieta's life-saving initiatives.

Together, let's make this December a season of compassion, unity, and hope, as we wear our festive jumpers with pride and extend a helping hand to those in need.

Start your fundraising journey now, or simply host a fundraiser in your school and send the funds back to us.

Fundraise for Pieta
Event Details:

When: During the month of December, 2023

What you need: A fabulous Christmas Jumper that you can sport.

Who should participate: Schools, teams who enjoy the spirit & cheer of Christmas.

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Christmas Jumper Day 2023
Christmas Jumper Day 2023

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