Sunday, September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day, a day which focuses our attention on the issue of suicide and reducing stigma. It is a time when we can spread a message of hope to others, being aware that others might be experiencing suicidal thoughts and provide direction to Pieta’s free lifesaving support services. This helps to create a more caring society where those who may need help feel comfortable in seeking it out from Pieta.

We are asking as many volunteers as possible to be a ray of hope for your community and participate in our Flag Day in as many locations as possible around the country, to promote suicide prevention, positive mental health, well-being, and Pieta’s free services for your community, and shake a bucket to help fund them. Our main Flag Day will be Sunday 10th of September but in certain locations, we will be hosting it on Friday 8th & Saturday 9th of September.

Volunteers will work in groups of a min of two people, and we will provide you with the following:

  • A Pieta T-shirt

  • 1 x Bucket

  • Volunteer badge for you to wear

  • Stickers to hand out to donors

  • Business cards with Pieta’s helpline to hand out to donors

  • Information on Pieta on our services to brief each volunteer

  • Collection Permit

  • Insurance indemnity for the area of the bucket collection

If you are interested in supporting Pieta, please email with your preferred location and contact details or for further information.

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Event Details:

When: Between 8th and 10th of September

What time: Primiarily between 12pm and 5pm

Where can I participate: Across Ireland in various locations (various locations in Dublin; Athlone; Wexford; Cork; Kerry; Limerick; Roscrea, Tipperary; Waterford; Ballina, Co, Mayo; Galway City; Sligo; Tuam, Co. Galway; Monaghan; Cavan; Letterkenny, Co. Donegal; Shannon, Co. Clare; Longford Town; Navan, Co. Meath)

Note: This is an in-person event

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