Leaving a Legacy Gift of Hope to Pieta

Making a will is one of the most important decisions many of us can make. And it can be a time of reflection. What will be your legacy?

As a Pieta supporter you will already know that our lifesaving work is 80% funded by people just like you. Every day our communities across Ireland are touched by suicide and people who need support, and Pieta is there for them. Our supporters ensure we can keep our services free to anyone who needs them. Our Pieta family is one of Hope.

Remembering Pieta with a Legacy Gift of Hope of any size is a truly wonderful way to offer Hope to those who need the services of Pieta, after you are gone.

Making a will is the prudent way of putting your affairs in order and making your intentions clear to your loved ones. It is also the opportunity to record your wishes when it comes to leaving a Legacy Gift of Hope.

Your Legacy Gift of Hope can support services such as the Suicide Bereavement Liaison Service, which is available completely free of charge.

Bernie Carroll, Pieta support worker says “Our job is to offer emotional and practical support at a time when the world has been turned upside down. Most of all, what we do is listen – listen with the ear of the heart. That’s what brings change because it allows people the time and space they need to work though their grief. Without the funding coming in from people who want to help, Pieta wouldn’t be able to provide this service. It’s phenomenal. The generosity of people…it gives you hope. And hope is our greatest strength”.

For more information about leaving your Legacy Gift of Hope to Pieta:

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Pieta’s Legacy charter 

  1. We recognise that your Will is personal and private to you and we promise you that we will respect your privacy at all times.

  2. We fully understand that the wellbeing of your family and your loved ones must always come first.

  3. Because Pieta is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those in need in Ireland, we actively encourage you to please remember Pieta in your Will. However, we understand that you may have other charities that you may wish to include in your Will in preference to, or in addition to, Pieta. We recognise that this is entirely your decision and we fully respect your right to decide as you wish.

  4. If you specify in your Will how and where you would like your gift to be used by Pieta, we will always work to honour your wishes. That’s a promise.

  5. We also promise you that we will use your gift as carefully and as cost effectively as possible so that it brings the maximum amount of benefits to people in need in Ireland.

Please consider leaving a Legacy Gift of Hope in your will to Pieta.


You should always seek professional advice about making or amending your will. Your solicitor will be able to advise you on the key things to consider in your will.

There are two main options for Leaving a Legacy Gift of Hope in your will;

Once you take good care of your loved ones in your Will you may decide to leave the balance of your assets – or a percentage of what is left of them – to Pieta. This type of bequest is called a Residuary Bequest.

Or, you may decide to leave a set amount of money, or a specific gift item, to Pieta in your Will. This type of bequest is called a Pecuniary Bequest.

Pieta is a member of My Legacy, an umbrella group of charities committed to making charitable bequests a normal part of giving in Ireland. MyLegacy.ie has plenty of useful resources for you and your Solicitor.