Corporate support helps to sustain Pieta’s services

Pieta is grateful to have the support of so many companies, organisations, and major donors.

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To discuss potential corporate donations or initiatives, please email

how the € 500 donation is used
€ 500

will help us answer an additional 50 calls on our crisis helpline.

how the € 1,200 donation is used
€ 1,200

will put one person through a complete suite of our services.

how the € 5,000 donation is used
€ 5,000

will help us answer an additional 500 calls on our crisis helpline.

how the € 10,000 donation is used
€ 10,000

will provide 100 therapy sessions to our clients.

Corporate Partnerships

We highly value the meaningful partnerships we have formed with Ireland’s corporate sector and philanthropic community. Our partners share our vision which is a world where suicide, self-harm and stigma have been replaced by hope, self-care and acceptance.


Charity Partnership of the Year

Partners engage with us in a variety of ways, contributing funds, time and expertise to help us continue providing our services. We have a proven track record of establishing well-managed, mutually beneficial partnerships. Your vital support will help change lives.


Why partner with us?

Partnership with Pieta can help with employee engagement, develop your employee brand profile, provide opportunities to enhance your profile in the eyes of your customers and much more. We have opportunities for short and long term partnerships, a host of engagement and sponsorship options and ways to deliver against your ESG goals 

Over the past two years, Applegreen Charitable Fund has supported the Crisis Line during the pandemic & now support the resilience Academy. We are looking forward to continuing to raise more funds through our partnership to provide more opportunities to children 14-16 to provide students with the knowledge & skills to increase protective factors.
Employee wellbeing, specifically mental health, represents a key component of our People Strategy here at PwC. Our commitment to reducing stigma associated with mental health in the workplace and in driving awareness on the topic, provided a clear connection with Pieta- ensuring our impact is felt both within the organisation and our communities.
Financial Support

As Pieta only receives 20% funding from the government, we cannot continue to provide our services without the support of companies. Choose Pieta as your Charity Partner of The Year or get your company to fundraise for our cause. You can also choose to donate to one of our projects that resonates with your company’s values.

Cause Related Marketing

A cause-related marketing campaign can utilise the power of both brands to drive sales and influence consumer perceptions and purchasing decisions. The benefits of cause-related marketing include:

  1. Enhanced public perception of your brand

  2. Positive media coverage

  3. Unique selling point over your competitors

  4. Customer loyalty

Pro Bono and In-Kind Donations

Providing goods or services is pivotal to the work of Pieta to help reduce programme costs and allow us to direct donations to our service delivery.

Events and Sponsorship

Pieta have various events throughout the year, including our flagship event Darkness Into Light. If you would like to sponsor any of our events, please contact our friendly team at who would be delighted to speak to you about various options.

Pieta is grateful to have the support of so many companies. Here are some of our year-round, and Christmas Candle of Hope supporters:

Sustaining Free Crisis Services

Help us continue to provide suicide and self-harm crisis services by hosting an event.

Fundraise for Pieta