What is the tax relief scheme?

If you are a taxpayer* and have given €250 or more to Pieta in the course of a calendar year, your donation(s) can be worth 45% more at no extra cost to you.

The CHY3 tax form is valid for five years and doesn’t commit you to make any future donations. It simply enables Pieta to claim tax back for any year which you gave €250 or more – without having to send you a form each year.

And we can claim tax back for the past four years – so, if you donated four years ago, this year is our last chance to claim the tax on it.

* Resident in Ireland, paying income tax (PAYE or self-assessed) or capital acquisitions/gains tax

All you need to do

Download, print, and complete the CHY3 form and return to:

Pieta, First Floor, Greenhills Retail Park, Greenhills Road, Tallaght, FREEPOST DN7415, Dublin 24, D24 RH59 (no stamp needed)


Email donorcare@pieta.ie or phone (01) 458 5490, and we’ll post a form and a reply envelope to you.

What your donations are worth

The rate of tax relief for charities is a blended rate of 31% for all donors, irrespective of the actual tax rate paid.

The gross donation is determined to be 100% / (100% - 31%) = 144.93% of the net donation, so the tax relief works out as 44.93% of the net donation – i.e. approximately 45% of what you paid.

How tax relief helps your donation grow

The value of your donationIncrease after tax

Regular donations count too. E.g. a monthly donation of €21 over 5 years could be worth €1,826 to Pieta after tax-back.

The tax-relief is only limited by these factors in the year in question:

  1. How much tax you paid, less any refunds to date

  2. A cap of €1,000,000 on your total eligible donations to charity

  3. In the case of people 'associated' with the charity (employees and members of the charity or associated bodies) the relief is capped at 10% of your income